Saxton Hut Dec 2013

Saxton Hut  Dec 2013

A six bunk hut with a woodburner stove newly erected at this site in April 2012. This is the 3rd site for this hut. It was originally sited at Quartz Creek in 1968 and then shifted to Boulder Stream in 1983. It was removed from there in 2012, revamped in Renwick and then rebuilt at the current site.

This hut has been provided for overnighting on the East - West & Leatham - Molesworth routes in the Molesworth Recreation Reserve. To date it has had little use. Apparently some water courses can be problematic to cross outside of dry summer conditions and this has thwarted some parties. My mate was told by DOC that they may be putting in at least one bridge to make things easier.

A lovely job seems to have been made of the hut & there are two swish stainless steel benches inside. One criticism however is that the top bunks are too close to the hut ceiling! There is room for them to be 200-300mm lower without cramping the bottom bunks.



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