Dick Morris plaque

Dick Morris plaque

I suppose many younger trampers, even Canterbury ones, will not have heard of Dick Morris? Dick was a well known deer culler, naturalist and story teller who spent decades living & hunting in the Hope-Kiwi area & on "The Poplars" station near Lewis Pass.

Dick became a bit of a folk hero. Tales of Dick, his horse Mixer & dog Lally have been recorded by Robin Patterson and were published in 1991 as "A Sock In My Stew - Memories of Dick Morris and the Deer Cullers"

The plaque in the photo is outside Museum hut which is more or less where Dick's base Kiwi hut used to be until it burnt down. [Museum hut is a private hut]



  • Honora Honora Known as Dirty Dick, I think. His stews were notorious from what I can recall. Worth reading about him.
    10 October 2013
  • glennj glennj Morris tarn across the Hope River from Museum hut is named after Dick.
    2 October 2013
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