Ahaura River

Ahaura River

View from Mt Elliot tops



  • BAynsley BAynsley Done some additional cutting and marking heading downhill from pt 1380, Done some cutting and added cruise tap in the scrubzone between 1000m and 1100m - could do with more cutting to define the route through here better.
    8 January 2024
  • BAynsley BAynsley Track cut and marked Nov 2023, some trimming done through Scrub Zone
    26 November 2023
  • BAynsley BAynsley Now 10 years on the track needs a day spent trimming regrowth and remarking a couple of spots due to wind fall. Also I never did get to trimming that scrub zone,
    6 February 2023
  • glennj glennj Three years on in Sept 2016 the track is still ok to follow. 50 - 100m of the scrub zone could do with a cut but it's obvious where to go. Cut up plastic road side markers nailed to trees in the bush as track markers work well! Some old permolat from the 1960's survives in places.
    29 November 2016
  • BAynsley BAynsley Ive done a fair bit of marking and cutting up there Glenn, its good going up to 750m i need to do 1 more day of proper marking to bushline but its cruse taped and ok to follow
    7 October 2013
  • glennj glennj Is anyone maintaining the track these days?
    16 September 2013
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