Faultline on Mt Olson May 2013

Faultline on Mt Olson  May 2013

This picture shows a fault line on the eastern side of Mt Olson (1603m) Mt Olson is a hill in the Arahura River catchment of Westland. There are a number of remote huts in close proximity to Mt Olson with Newton Creek hut, Top Olderog and Scottys bivs being the nearer ones.

The photo was taken from Mt Edelweiss which is the high point between Newton & Dunn Saddles.



  • glennj glennj I hope to detour to the top of Olson sometime on a trip between Top Olderog & Scottys bivs. I've already been into the head of Olderog Creek above the biv & eyeballed the route up the gut to the ridgeline just north of Mt Olson. It's steep but looks feasible!
    31 May 2013
  • Honora Honora Magic. Hope you get there sometime.
    28 May 2013
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