Old Barratts biv

Old Barratts biv

This photo is of the old Barratts bivvy which is very close to the newer bivvy.

It took us 3.5 hrs to reach the bivvy from the Hapuku River car park including 15 mins of stops.

After morning tea at the biv we headed to Hapuku hut with rain arriving about mid day before we reached the hut. (It took 2 hrs with no stops between the huts)

At Hapuku hut I got changed in to dry gear and had lunch while yarning with a couple of trampers who had come thru from Mt Fyffe hut. My mate didn't bother changing or stopping long & headed for the roadend as he was cold & wet and wanted to save dry clothing for back at the car. After a half hour break I donned my coat & headed for the roadend carpark. The non stop trip out took c.1hr 40 mins. Had to hurry to catch my mate and beat rising water levels. It pissed down along with gale force winds for the last hour before reaching the car. So much for us venturing away from the West Coast to try and get some good weather!



  • matthew matthew Nice! I've stayed here. As I recall, there's a tree branch inside for hanging clothes on.
    3 May 2013
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