Popes Pass

Popes Pass

This picture shows "Alpine" climbing up the start of the ridge leading to Mt Harman with Popes Pass below.

We went from the Julia huts, Taipo River through to Harman hut, Arahura River via Popes Pass by partially climbing Mt Harman & then descending to the Browning Pass - Arahura River track below Lake Browning. You can also descend into the head of the Wilberforce River from the Pass & go to Park Morpeth hut or partially climb Mt Harman then do a lovely walk to Browning Pass. [To get to Harman hut we didn't have to go right to Popes Pass but we did for the views into the Wilberforce & because Alpine hadn't been there before]

The marker post in the photo above Popes Pass is very old. It may even date from the mining days circa 1900 when quartz mining for gold was undertaken on the slopes of Mt Harman. This trip I made two detours to look for adits (mine drive/tunnel entrances) but didn't spot any this time. However I did see a large section of a thick quartz reef exposed.



  • glennj glennj The marker post in the photo was almost certainly cut for use as a mining pit prop but ended up as a marker. There is no timber up that high so it was probably carried most of the way to the site by pack horse & then by manpower.
    15 April 2013
  • glennj glennj Yes Honora. That is his pen name used on some of his books & magazine articles. I used the name "Alpine" because that is also his log in name on this site. He hasn't posted on here since 2010 but as you know he is still active on Permolat. He is impressed with Matthew's new site & hopes to post a couple of articles here later this year.
    12 April 2013
  • Honora Honora Is 'Alpine' our Canadian-based correspondent?
    11 April 2013
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