SI Bush Robin

SI Bush Robin

This friendly bird kept me company at Explorer hut the couple of nights I was there recently. It would come in to the hut or toilet and perch on my feet if I was sitting down or standing still and follow me around when I was walking outside.

When it first came into the hut at first glance I thought it was a Tom Tit. However on closer inspection I realised it was bigger and with longer legs. In my experience Bush Robins are not as common in Central Westland as further north in the beech country so I was lucky to get such a visitor in this area.

Many years ago when still a teenager working in the native bush in North Westland we were having lunch and being closely observed by a bush robin. An old timer I was working with said to me "I'll show you something", he lit a match and placed it on the ground. The bush robin quickly swooped in, picked up the match by the stem and shook it out. I've seen this feat repeated on a number of occasions.



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