alpine & glennj in head of Ten Mile Creek, Paparoa Range

alpine & glennj in head of Ten Mile Creek, Paparoa Range

This Dec 2012 pic shows a couple of Croesus area vets outside a mine adit (tunnel entrance) on the NW side of Croesus Knob. Despite a combined experience of 78 years of roaming this area neither of us had located this particular adit before. We had found others though!

Four more adits in the Croesus Knob area were also visited this trip plus the former battery site where the ore was once crushed. Ore was transported to the battery from the mine sites by ground then aerial tramway.

For old times sake we stayed in Top Hut, used the open fire for cooking and slept on the stretched hessian bunks rather than use the more modern Ces Clark hut near by. 'Alpine' first used Top Hut in 1968 & for myself it was a decade later. [Both of us knew Ces Clark]

Day three on the way out we popped into the site of the Minerva Battery for a look. The NZFS once maintained tracks to this battery from Clarke Creek & Smoke-ho Creek. They have been abandoned in recent times and the signs removed.



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