A fairly new sport that requires a gps, some tramping ability and a couple of clues with a sense of adventure to boot.

Basically, hidden around New Zealand as well as the rest of the world are caches containing all sorts of knick-knacks which you the hunter with a GPS in hand have to locate. Once you have found a cache you take something out, put something back in return, leave your email address as proof of your success and then log on to the website www.geocaching.com and log your visit. This website will give you the GPS coordinates and maybe a clue or two to help you on your way to finding your first cache and you can join as a member with your own home page keeping records of your hidden and found caches. These caches are hidden anywhere - bush, cities and general points of interest. Word of warning - it can be a challenge but it is fun!

So go to www.geocaching.com, enter New Zealand in the country box, and browse.

Kaimai Kid