Sugarloaf Surprise

Sugarloaf Surprise

We departed Double Hut for Manuka Hut,but via Longman Ridge,one of several modified moraines between Mt Taylor & the road to Lake Heron.By gaining just 200m height,familiar landmarks took on new meaning.The swampy ground below,looking toward Ricki Spur,is dotted with small lakes,possibly water-filled kettle holes,formed when 10,000 year since glaciers retreated,sometimes leaving house sized blocks of ice in their wake.The Hakatere Basin is littered with glacial relics,often overlooked by modern day trampers in their quest to get to the next destination.Another feature visible from our vantage point,were ox-bow lakes.These semi circular lakes form when slow moving meandering creeks breech their banks & isolate a small section of creek.These eventually fill in in this dynamic landscape;this changing scene just takes time,eons of it,a comodity us mere mortals are lacking in any quantity.


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