Ministry of Works Hut

Ministry of Works Hut

September 2012


  • glennj glennj Well I've found out the answers to the questions I asked as JH & I got back from the MOW hut yesterday. Kapiti you must have been one of the party of two that stayed on 18 Sept. We were the first visitors on 30.10.12 since your visit. For others info the hut has received visits from seven parties in the last calendar year. Five parties walked in and two flew in.
    2 November 2012
  • glennj glennj Hello Kapiti, I'd be interested to hear a bit about your trip & I'm sure others would as well. Did you go in from James Mackay hut, Blue Shirt Creek or some other route? How long did it take? Is the hut getting many visitors? i.e. approx how many parties are visiting per year. JH & I will probably have a look around there before the end of 2012.
    22 October 2012
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