Mt Tapuae-o-uenuku

Mt Tapuae-o-uenuku

`Tappy` was climbed by a young Ed Hillary back in the forties,when he cycled from his air-base near Blenheim.This shot,taken from the Clarence River side,was taken after an overnight snowfall,giving the mountain a very Himalayan look.Most access this 2885m peak from the Awatere side.Longer approach but you need to cross the Hodder River seventy-odd times.A good challenge.



  • Hugh vN Hugh vN it looks a very different mountain from this side.
    25 October 2012
  • lewshaw lewshaw we had a crack last summer,but weather beat us to the top.The Branch Cottage(Clarence)side may be more direct,but it`s still tramper country.I haven`t been in from the Hodder side but you gain similar height both ways.We put in a camp at a tussocky flat at around 1500m but a predicted southerly came in when we got to 2700m,so we backed off.We`ll have another crack in february.No bikes in our plans though!Coincidentally,last attempt,when we got back to the Branch,there were a group of Kaikoura beekeepers at the hut.They were servicing hives in the valley but two of them had summitted a few weeks earlier.Perhaps borage honey.....?
    10 October 2012
  • Ancient Tramper Great photo. Extremely rugged on the Clarence side, and it seems that route still rarely done. Has anyone here done a Clarence approach, or have any comments? Ed's Tappy stories give us lesser mortals some idea of his strength and fitness. Not surprisingly, he ran out of mates and ended up doing solo trips over weekend leaves!
    9 October 2012
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