Te Panaa Hut

Te Panaa Hut

Up the Six-Foot Track, Te Urewera


  • ruthmcintosh ruthmcintosh The local DOC here in Whakatane does kiwi aversion training for free and so does Whakatane Kiwi Trust for $10, both hold regular sessions around the district so there's no excuse for not having the dogs KV trained every year. Mike's a young dog so was his first time and though he's a bit of a timid dog it didn't effect his relationship with me. Our other dog, a border collie had been KV trained before and a year later wouldn't go near the 'kiwi'. Mike. my vizsla (seen here) has a permit for hunting and is great company in the bush. I'm training him for deer hunting.
    7 October 2012
  • Ruger Ruger Where did you get your dog kiwi proofed Ruth? Any adverse reactions with the dog afterwards?
    7 October 2012
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