Murk on the Turiwhate tops Sept 2012

Murk on the Turiwhate tops  Sept 2012

This picture looking SE shows in the right hand foreground the third bump north west of the Mt Turiwhate summit with the trig on it. You traverse this section when using the TL Grahams Creek route to get to the summit but don't need to if using the overgrown TR Grahams Creek route unless you make it a circuit trip & return down the TL track. It is possible to stay on the ridge crest when traversing this knob and the next one before Point 1351m but a sidle on the Taramakau side cutting out both knobs is an option. The sidle is less challenging & not so scenic but a little quicker.



  • glennj glennj Ben I found the plane crash memorial yesterday. (my 2nd attempt) It is only a shade over 100 metres from the main ridgeline. NZTM 2000 E1459331 N5265036
    31 July 2015
  • glennj glennj John P went to the plane crash memorial site on the 80th anniversary of the crash this month. Hopefully he cleared a bit of scrub or left some markers to make it easy for others to find.
    26 November 2013
  • glennj glennj I haven't dropped down to it but have seen the stone marker on the ridge pointing down to where it is. John P has told me where it is so I should find it if I have a look. (scrub has grown around it so it may take a bit of looking?)
    16 September 2013
  • BAynsley BAynsley Have you had any luck finding the memorial up there?
    13 September 2013
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