Large cairn beside the Moonlight track Sept 2012

Large cairn beside the Moonlight track  Sept 2012

This pic shows JH posing beside a large cairn next to the Moonlight track. The cairn sits on and is made out of tailings from old gold workings. It has been there a good few years.

I don't know the history of the cairn but it is not required to mark the track & I don't think it marks a grave? Perhaps some bored kids built it years ago because there was such a good supply of rocks at hand? I'd be interested to know the history of the cairn if anybody can enlighten me.

Elsewhere in the Paparoa Ranges there are some impressive historic beehive shaped cairns that mark the route along the often cloud bound tops from Paparoa Peak thru to Mt Davy and beyond to where the Coolgardie Track dropped off the range to head to Roa. That stretch was once part of a miners route between Brunner on the Grey River & Blackball.



  • glennj glennj The top of this cairn has toppled since the photo was taken and it is now much shorter.
    9 January 2018
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