Old Water Race below Lower Arahura hut

Old Water Race below Lower Arahura hut

Here is a photo of a remnant section of the water race that runs roughly parallel with the current track up the TL of the Arahura from the Cess Pool to not far below Lower Arahura hut. Sections of this race which is just over 25km long were constructed between the early 1880's & early 1900's with the newer section being the LA hut end. (I picked up an old bottle that dates from 1898 close to where the photo was taken & it would date from the construction or surveying phase)

Below Lower Arahura hut the current track is on an old "miners" track some of the way. Other bits, generally those that have eroded the worst, are on a different line put in by a digger (& bulldozer?) in the 1980's. So in places there are three tracks. 1/ The currently maintained track where it is not on the line of the prospectors track 2/ The prospectors track that went on through to the Browning Pass. (Started in the 1860's & upgraded in 1887) & 3/ The water race maintenance track. (this bit c.1900)



  • glennj glennj At Lower Arahura hut you are not on the old miners/prospectors track but it is close by! You cut across a disused section of it a short distance behind the hut up the branch track to the Newton Range tops. If heading up valley the current track starts following the prospectors track not too far above LA hut.
    26 August 2012
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