Merrie Range from near Tamatea Peak

Merrie Range from near Tamatea Peak

We didn't actually get to the top of Tamatea Peak, as we needed the time to get down to Loch Maree hut, but we got to the adjacent Peak 1595. This shot was taken near there. I really like how it shows the vertical scale. The other gang in Lake Roe hut had been commenting that they didn't think Tamatea was a cloud-piercer. Thankfully it was this day.



  • apurdam apurdam I'd say we were lucky lucky lucky. Especially since we nearly gave up on waiting for the weather to clear... We were lacing up our boots to go when we thought we could imagine that it had lightened a little bit.
    23 August 2012
  • madpom madpom Jealous jealous jealous. 3 attempts to get there from The Grebe and beaten by the weather each time. Looks good ...
    15 August 2012
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