During my time we had a warden who did not come so I was offered another month which I happily accepted.

This job has so many awesome features. Firstly it doesn't feel like a job - it feels like an adventure, you get the day to yourself still having to do hut/toilet and basic track maintenance of course and checking hut tickets, getting the weather at 7:15am EVERY MORNING. If you're lucky enough to be at Mangatepopo Hut you get the weather at 7am and have to radio it around at 7:15am to all the other huts. Finally 2 scheduled safety radio calls, one is the weather and then there is one other at night as well. Although nothing beats a helicopter ride whether you be out helping cut down Pinus Contorta (Lodge Pole Pine), or getting a lift in and out from huts during a gas drop. Helicopter rides are the best.

Why did I enjoy this job?

I enjoyed it because I had the chance to meet people from new cultures, different countries, learn more about myself, enjoy my summer, meet and work with a variety with great people, again the helicopter rides. Starting two clubs up in the Central Crater area during my time was great, the Emerald Lakes Yacht Club founded by Ben Lehman in early January and the Central Crater Cricket Club (CCCC) playing on the Tongariro Oval (Central Crater) founded our boss Jimmy Johnson, the CCCC also goes on tour as well i.e. South Crater.

So have I tickled your fancy to be a warden in the Tongariro National Park, then I recommend you contact the Department of Conservation as soon as possible. Volunteer positions fill up very quick and you don't need to be a Kiwi (New Zealander) either. So enjoy your time - I did. Hopefully for those who read this article I may see you at the end of the year as I will be a paid warden.