Another old track sign July 2012

Another old track sign  July 2012

Ian G's. picture of an old National Park sign still marking a track in the Urewera got me thinking. I certainly remember that style of sign & the colour.

There are also a smattering of old track signs here in Westland. I know of quite a few old NZ Forest Service ones about the place. Unlike the NZFS ones the sign in this picture is like the National Park ones but without the logo & is from a track that was maintained by the Lands & Survey Dept at one stage. I think this sign dates from the 1970's or early 80's.

The photo was taken on the track up Mt Tuhua. (East of Lake Kaniere in Westland)



  • glennj glennj Re Mt Tuhua where the old track sign is; that track was established quite early. It appears on C19th maps. Below where the sign is an alternate route was once marked that took you to the Lake Kaniere - Milltown Road. These days only the route up from just south of Hans Bay is maintained. Prior to the Lake Kaniere - Milltown - Arahura Road being constructed there was a benched bridle track from Hans Bay around the toe of Mt Tuhua through the saddle between Tuhua and Pyramid Hill and down to the Arahura River where it joined the Humphreys to Browning Pass bridle track. Remains of this bridle track can be followed today where there was cutting & filling but you lose it in places on the flatter & swampy ground where logging has taken place. I lost it for a while at the site of an 11 acre drained gold miners dam but later found that it skirts it to the north before heading back toward the flanks of Mt Tuhua. At this point you've hit private property & a bulldozer has run along the old bridle track.
    9 September 2012
  • madpom madpom Was wandering down the faces towards Midway Hut in the Uraweras on what seemed like a great benched track, when I came across a sign of this vintage saying 'track closed'. Must have been a great track initially to have been closed since then and still be good going.
    9 July 2012
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