Wilding Pines in the eastern Kawekas

Wilding Pines in the eastern Kawekas

Pines on Black Birch Ridge



  • glennj glennj It wasn't only aerial seeding there was manual planting as well! Parts of the Kawekas were experimental areas for the study of erosion control methods. The exotics in the picture look to be Pinus contorta (common name Lodgepole Pine) Contorta is only one of many exotic species that were trialed for erosion control in the Kawekas.
    10 July 2012
  • madpom madpom Did wonder how they got here. Long way from the nearest pine block, and we're upwind of it upwind too
    9 July 2012
  • bigpaul bigpaul watched an old program a couple of years ago of them chucking these things out of planes in an attempt to control the runoff caused by clear felling for farmland that failed. Another depressing possum or rabbit story I'm afraid.
    8 July 2012
  • madpom madpom Agree. Photo uploaded as part of a madpom story. can't talk about kaweka trips without talking about pines.
    5 July 2012
  • bigpaul bigpaul these things are depressing the track up from Macintosh to studholme is packed tight with them.
    4 July 2012
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