Iron Whare from Whittle Rd

Kaweka Forest Park

  • 1 hr – 2 hr 30 min one way
  • Medium

An alternative access to Iron Whare Hut.

A marked and roughly cut route runs from the reservoir ('fire dam' on older maps) by pt1083 on Whittle Rd to Iron Whare. This allows a loop via Iron Whare and Kaweka Flats Biv, or alternatively avoid a long road walk for those heading from Middle Hill / Kaweka Flats to Black Birch Ridge.

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Iron Whare from Whittle Rd: Key information
Walking time
1 hr – 2 hr 30 min
One way
One way
Scrubby in places. Marking indistinct in places. Steep! Grades explained
No bookings — open access
No — open access
Iron Whare from Whittle Rd: Find it
'Reservoir' by pt1083 on Whittle Rd
Iron Whare / Kaweka Flats Biv
600m – 900m
Altitude change 300m

Head directly north from the fire dam / reservoir (towards the river) and pick up a narrow, tape-marked route through the scrub.  This soon comes out in a mud basin where you cut to your right (east) and pick up the cut track again down the ridge.  The track heads down the ridge and is narrow but well cut through the manuka  scrub.  As the slope steepens, the track come out to the top of a long slip running down the remainder of the ridgeline due north to the river.  At the base of the slip, pick up taped markers and a cut track again and sidle left (west) before dropping ot the river just below the forks.

The track up the far side begins 80m upriver, just above the forks and is marked at its lower end.  The bush here is open beech, and markers soon stop, but head up the spur to the ridgeline.  
If walking in the opposite direction, this spur heads due sth off the main ridge just where the main ridge starts to descend steeply to the river.  The spur is not visible at the ridgeline, but becomes obvious lower down.
An old benched track or road follows the ridgeline west to Iron Whare Hut.  This is overgrown where it passes through manuka, and can be a bit scrubby, but is easy to follow.  Occasional markers provide reassurance, if not much help.  
From Iron Whare Hut a wide, marked, cut DOC track follows the northern escarpment and joins the Kaweka Flats - Middle Hill track at a signposted junction.  This track is not shown on maps, but is of very good trampng / walking quality.
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