Part of the Beansburn bivvy

Part of the Beansburn bivvy

For the want of a better photo. I and others i know have camped outside in favour of staying in here. This time for us we arrived wet and in the cold. There are several sections including one or two much higher.


  • aardvark aardvark In this case the tarp wasn't ours. Some thoughtful person carried it in along with a pair of sandshoes. Small size though, about a Eur40. Yeah, we've even pitched our tent on the tray of the ute.
    30 June 2012
  • Honora Honora Smart idea. I've been known to pitch tents in places like that too. Frank and I stayed in a shelter once and found the wooden gaps in the floor boards corresponded perfectly for slipping in the tent pegs, otherwise it would have been a real wind tunnel in there.
    29 June 2012
  • aardvark aardvark That blue tarp was set up to block that very draught.
    27 June 2012
  • Honora Honora I recall it was draughty right where you were. There was a couple sleeping a bit higher up. Needless to say we weren't tempted to stay there.
    26 June 2012
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