Greyneys Shelter June 2012

Greyneys Shelter  June 2012

This shelter is next to SH 73 between Arthur's Pass Village and the Waimakariri River at Klondyke Corner. It's handy to various track/route starts/ends.

I have memories of an uncomfortable night spent there back in 1972 after coming down the Waimak & failing to hitch a ride back to the West Coast before nightfall. (only had a thin sleeping mat which I used on the concrete floor)



  • Honora Honora The old shelter was removed after a slip came down and killed 2 campers nearby. Very sad the new shelter doesn't have a fireplace. Yep, I stayed in Greyneys only once after catching the midnight train from Chch. I slept on the bench and my gear didn't run to the luxury of a sleeping mat in those days. I sure as hell wanted to buy a thermorest when I first saw one in 1983!
    22 June 2012
  • glennj glennj Ian I remember the Klondyke shelter but never slept a night in it. We also used the railcars at times, usually to Arthur's Pass or the Mt White bridge. When the railcars stopped running I remember making use of the Railways Road Services buses for drop offs at Klondyke corner & once to where the Kelly's Creek Shelter used to be.
    22 June 2012
  • iangeorge iangeorge But I do recall Greyneys shelter being somewhat warmer than the old Klondyke Corner shelter (which no longer exists). I spent a few nights there after being dropped off from the railcar, or waiting for the railcar.
    17 June 2012
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