Old sign on swingbridge June 2012

Old sign on swingbridge  June 2012

I was pleasantly surprised to see old NZFS signs still on the Morgan Gorge swingbridge crossing the Waitaha River. One received a partial clean off then I snapped a pic which is shared here.

The Department of Conservation (DOC) took over from the New Zealand Forest Service (NZFS) in 1987 therefore this sign has been there for a minimum of twenty-five years but probably considerably longer.

It was a piece of nostalgia for John H and myself to see the signs. We were heading to Kiwi Flat hut via the new north bank route thus had to use the swingbridge. Historically we've always gone by the south bank route to Kiwi Flat and not needed to use the swingbridge. [Both of us did a bit of swingbridge maintenance for the NZFS long ago]



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