Pfeifer biv & toilet April 2012

Pfeifer biv & toilet  April 2012

A new biv from early 2008 replacing an old biv that was about 20m to the south. (The sign on the door of the new biv says 2007 but I'm pretty sure it wasn't erected until early 2008)

The biv is in a lovely location on the Aicken Range and commands great views. This biv & surrounding tops are well worth a visit. Mt Pfeifer summit at 1700m is an easy walk of 45 - 60 mins from the bivvy which sits below at 1300m.

The high point in the photo framed between the bivvy and the toilet is Mt Alexander 1958m. It sits NW of Pfeifer on the other side of the Taramakau River.



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