Inches hut Thirteen Mile Bush 1976

Inches hut Thirteen Mile Bush  1976

There have been some comments about this hut on the site but so far no one has done up a hut page or posted a photo. I've found an old unlabelled photo from 1976 which I believe to be Inches hut. (a private hut near the forest boundary which we had permission to use when doing vegetation, bird & animal surveys through State Forest 34 in November, December 76)

The hut is superficially like NZFS huts of the period but is a private hut. The outside fireplace was one we built because we wanted to be able to do camp oven cookery including bread baking etc. Think there was just a stove in the hut!

The big guy wearing the number 4 rugby jersey ,TC, wasn't surveying with us but was on light duties & helped with supplies & around camp. The other guy in the woolen singlet, WL, I worked with a lot on that job. The two of us came across a semi hidden bivi which is probably the one Honora mentioned.


  • Rachael inch Hey what do you want to know bout Inches hut? anything you need to know you can contact us or Harold 03 3184775 :)
    27 March 2013
  • glennj glennj "Yup, enjoyed Inch's hut too. I recall it had a great wood stove in it. Been wanting to go back ever since. We did a round trip to it one time including a section through High Peak's game reserve. We were wondering why there were chamois and fallow deer in there until we saw the trophy stags. We came out via the head of the northern tributary of Bush Stream stream and over a ferny saddle into the Northern Branch of the Selwyn via a dreadful side stream of nearly impenetrable beech regen. On the plus side, we discovered Inch Snr's old bivvy site with stacks of 10 and 12 pt antlers there. We told Harold Inch about his Dad's little bivvy. Since then, I met an old timer who slept there the odd time, himself." — Honora yesterday "Hut was built by Harold Inch (Ben More station farmer) can be accessed from SH73 or from Snowden/high peak side (requires farmer permission) The Hut is actually privately owned by Harold, not DOC." — Nickcampbell yesterday"
    18 July 2012
  • glennj glennj Nick I think this is the hut you were mentioning on the other thread? The exterior does look a bit like Seven Mile hut. I'll copy some comments about Inches hut & put them here.
    29 February 2012
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