"New" Top Crawford hut Feb 2012

"New" Top Crawford hut  Feb 2012

This photo is of the "new" Top Crawford hut which is an hour walk up the valley from the location of the "old" Top Crawford hut. It is the same hut that has been dismantled, rebuilt & upgraded at the new site. The new site is across both branches of the river on the TL of the TL approximately 300 metres from where the Top Crawford bivvy used to be in the upper Crawford basin. No hut has replaced Top Crawford hut at its former site. (Top Crawford bivvy has been used at Crinkle Top to replace the former Pinnacle biv which was in poor repair & has been scrapped)

The new hut location is much more scenic than the old site & is also a better strategic placement in terms of being on route junctions.



  • s.church good to see that they moved the hut to the upper valley, rather than simply removing the Biv, as it is a special place
    19 February 2012
  • glennj glennj Ta. I'll keep trickling info on to this site until the West Coast hut stuff is comprehensive. There are still a few not on here yet. Thankfully I can still get around the hills ok after all these years. Managed 10hrs walking/track cutting yesterday!
    17 February 2012
  • lewshaw lewshaw Keep up the pills `n ointment Glennj;the pics,the info & the fact that you`ve been hovering round this area forever,is invaluable.Good work!
    15 February 2012
  • madpom madpom Nice. a great improvement on the old hut site and the acommodation provided at the bivvy. Good outcome all round.
    13 February 2012
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