Forks Hut (Ruahine Ranges)

Forks Hut (Ruahine Ranges)

Forks Hut in the southern Ruahines. A riverside hut at the base of a steep gorge on the southern fork of Makaweakawa Stream. A 6 bunk hut with a woodburner and river water.

A good track leads from Te Ekaou Hut but this can only be reached over private land with consent. Alternative access is up marginal strips up Te Ekaou Stream or Makawakawa Stream. The former includes a 3km ridgeline route to reach the hut - the latter includes deep pools and waterfalls, but both are possible.

Upriver, up the north fork from the hut there is reasonable travel until 500m below the head of the creek. A cut track drops down the ridge to the north of the hut from the end of the 4WD Takapari Road - starting 200m beyond the end of the gravelled road. From this track you can drop to the valley in a number of places.



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