Punga Hut / Miro Valley Hut

Tararua Forest Park

Punga Hut / Miro Valley Hut

Possibly the most interesting hut in the Tararuas. Built in 1958-1959 from horizontally laid punga trunks over a locally cut hardwood frame. The roof is corrogated iron and perspex. The hut is weathertight, features 4 bunks (sacking) and a wood-burning stove.

Probably the biggest charm of this hut is how hard it is to find. So in respect for the people who maintain it and love it for its serenity, I'm not going to give it's location. I hope others can follow this lead - we can only imagine what will happen to this gem if DoC are forced to recognize it's existence and either close it or 'upgrade' it to DoC standard. For those interested you could do worse than make a trip to North Mangahao Biv and read the notes in the hut book. With some good navigation skills you can make it from there to here in a couple of hours.


  • sammanson sammanson I read about this hut in a hunting book were the kid about 15 at the time used to go there for the weekends and how hard it was to find. Surprised its still even there and good for not telling doc they remove to many home made huts.
    8 November 2011
  • madpom madpom Apollogies for photo quality - blame water on the lens: camera was as soaked as I was!
    7 November 2011
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