Fenian track Sept 2011

Kahurangi National Park

Fenian track  Sept 2011

This photo shows a small cutting on the Fenian track. This pack track was constructed in the 1880's to provide access for gold miners & prospectors to Fenian and surrounding creeks.

Fenian Creek was rushed in 1869 but proved to be not a particularly rich diggings and most miners didn't stay long. However a small population remained mining in the area right thru to the 1930's when there was a bit of a revival of mining during the depression years.

The Fenian track has a branch circuit to some caves one of which about 100m long you need to go through to complete the circuit as there is no cut bypass track. Another short through cave which has a bypass track needs wading through as Cavern Creek flows through it. A couple of other caves beside the track are dead enders.

In recent times the Fenian track has been linked with the Oparara Car Park on the road used by visitors to the Arch. It is a good track!



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