Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc 4807m, France. Highest mountain in western Europe. Taken from near Col de Balme, 28 August 2011


  • Lucky77 Lucky77 We a group of 6 did the Walkers Haute Route 14 days in July 2011 just at season started. Other than the similar South Island glaciers views familiar to us kiwi along the way, the good accommodation and catering that really beat us kiwis heavily. And it costs us dearly especially the long flight airfare and high Swiss Franc. All our accommodation were arranged by Alpine Explorer, an UK based walkig holiday agent. I know we do have some travel agents provide similar service for overseas hikers to tramp in our beautiful country. But most important, do we have suitable longer tramping routes with good quality accommodation and catering to serve our local kiwi trampers thus we don't have to travel overseas just for no-better scenery´╝č
    6 October 2011
  • Yarmoss Yarmoss Ah, the walkers Haute Route. I did bits and pieces of that using the Walks of Valaise book by Kev Reynolds (Cicerone book as well). Loved the bit from Lake Dixence to Arolla via Col Riettermann.
    3 October 2011
  • iangeorge iangeorge We walked Chamonix to Zermatt following the Cicerone guide book Walker's Haute route for 14 days. The first 3 days are on the Tour Mont Blanc route so we experienced the TMB crowds. Rest of the trip was quieter and the weather was great. I really enjoyed it.
    29 September 2011
  • Yarmoss Yarmoss Nice photo. Did you walk the Tour? I was there in late June and did the circuit in 8 days. Apart from rubbish weather for the Swiss leg it was fantastic trip.
    28 September 2011
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