Comyns Hut in the upper North Ashburton River

Comyns Hut in the upper North Ashburton River

This hut is on the Te Araroa Trail,between the Rakaia River & Lake Heron.From here,you can go up Roundhill Stream,over Clent Hills Saddle & down to Double Hut & Lake Heron.Comyns Hut is an eight-bunker & now sports a toilet.Surrounded by 2000m ranges,mostly tussock country,this area lies at the head of the North Ashburton River,between the Rakaia River & the Hakatere Basin.



  • Honora Honora Thanks for the gen, lewshaw. I'll mark that route on my Freshmap!
    11 September 2011
  • lewshaw lewshaw 4-5 cumecs on the Ecan site is optimal.If you get over Clent Hills Saddle,look out for the scattered remains of Rock Camp Hut,on the true right of the creek on the Comyns Hut side.Wind I think,did the deed,but it seems like a bomb hit it.Some of the older musterers from round here remember it.Another interesting addition to a circuit is the bit from Roundhill/North Ashburton confluence,up through a wee gorge & into Petticoat Lane,where it opens out.Then swing west to go over Gifford saddle,between pts 1538 & 1694,& drop into Godley Stream,Smite River,& come out at Todhunters` Lake Heron Station. That basin in the head of Boundary Stream is the magnet for me.I don`t imagine it sees many trampers or hunters,unless they`re in a chopper.Also,the 35m w/f in the creek to the north of Kings Drive Stream needs checking out.Roll on summer!
    10 September 2011
  • Honora Honora Love to get there soon but it will probably be in a low rainfall summer or autumn. I want to do the circuit from Redcliffe Hill, up the North Ashburton to Turton's Saddle or alternatively over Clent Saddle and then maybe back via Boundary Creek and the South Branch of the Swin?
    9 September 2011
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