Meikles hut July 2011

Meikles hut  July 2011

This pic is taken from the short branch track off the Moonlight track as you approach the hut from below. The DOC sign says building unsafe, no entry or something of that nature. It is clearly ignored as it is evident the fireplace has had a bit of use in recent times.

My recent visit was the first since 1980 and it's a bit sad to see how much the hut has deteriorated but that is neglect and the ravages of time for you. It's probably beyond the point of being worth doing up and will end up falling down if it doesn't get pulled down or burnt down.



  • glennj glennj It is still standing in Jan 2018 but getting rather rotten & shaky. The door is partially off it and goats have been living inside.
    9 January 2018
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