Head of Griffin Creek July 2011

Head of Griffin Creek  July 2011

This pic was taken a few minutes along the Griffin Range route from the turnoff from the Harrington Creek - Griffin Creek track. It is Mt Tara Tama top left with part of Razorback Ridge stretching around to the right. The map pointer shows where the picture was taken from.

We didn't carry on down to Griffin Creek after visiting the vantage point as much of the day had already been used up by the time we reached the crest of the range. We had been cutting & clearing windfalls as we ascended.



  • Honora Honora Great work, Glenn. The track is so much easier to follow now. We did a couple of hours work on it too and Rodney and Brendon also cleared some windfall. There is now none on the track up to the waterbarrel.
    27 April 2012
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