Kellys Range & beyond from Kellys Hill July 2011

Arthur's Pass National Park

Kellys Range & beyond from Kellys Hill  July 2011

This pic looking SW from Kellys Hill was taken before this weeks heavy snowfalls. The dip in the foreground is where Kelly Saddle & Carroll hut are. Beyond that it is the Kelly Range stretching away toward the Taipo River. The high point toward the top of the picture is Mt Tara Tama. (1854m)

If you look closely you can see lines of earth movement associated with earthquake fault lines beyond the dip. There are some deeper straighter fissures out of view in the dip. They are just West of Carroll hut.



  • glennj glennj Up on the range and on both the Kellys Creek and Seven Mile Creek sides there are relics of the days quartz was mined and prospected for in pursuit of its gold content.
    6 January 2018
  • glennj glennj Not that far away as the crow flies there are some very impressive earth quake fault lines near Pfeifer biv. Mt Tara Tama in the background is very important to the West Coast Maori (Poutini Kai Tahu) It was used as a navigation beacon & is tied up with the Greenstone (Pounamu) legends. There is great tramping in its vicinity with plenty of huts and bivs to base ones self at.
    10 July 2011
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