Orange Fungus

Orange Fungus

Orange Fungus spotted on Donnelly's Flat Track. Tiger Whiskers was the best we came up with. Anyone know the real name?



  • fruitbat fruitbat Did you notice on the menu on the left that you can change the list to the common names of the fungi? Yours are club or coral fungi - easier to remember!
    8 July 2011
  • nzbazza nzbazza Our best guess was Clavaria phoenicea var. persicina
    7 July 2011
  • nzbazza nzbazza Thanks for the link Fruitbat. My daughter (and me) are going to have fun trying to decide which genus the fungi comes from.
    6 July 2011
  • fruitbat fruitbat Go to I was amazed at the amount of different fungi we have in NZ!
    6 July 2011
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