Mt Pfeifer etc from Kellys Hill July 2011

Arthur's Pass National Park

Mt Pfeifer etc from Kellys Hill  July 2011

This photo was taken from near the broadcasting repeaters on top of Kellys Hill which is the hill immediately north of Carroll Hut.

The view is eastward. Mt Pfeifer is the prominent highpoint just right of center picture. You would normally expect more snow about for this time of year.

Kellys Hill & Mt Pfeifer are marked with map pointers on the accompanying map.



  • Honora Honora Yup, weird. I've learnt to write my trip articles in word and then cut and paste them TWICE as the first attempt always disappears!
    20 June 2012
  • glennj glennj A photo sized 957 x 665 won't load properly! I've put up a replacement photo of a more panoramic vista with Mt Pfeifer not quite as prominent but still recognisable. This site is weird sometimes because the replacement photo is sized 997 x 748 which is bigger than my preferred photo that wouldn't load!
    5 July 2011
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