Harman hut August 1975

Harman  hut  August 1975

This pic was taken after having come down from Browning Pass. Shortly after I snapped the pic it started snowing heavily & it was still snowing on arrival at Grassy Flat hut.

My first trips to this hut were in 1971 before the Harman River was bridged. At this stage Government cullers were still shooting the Styx, Arahura, Taipo block. Dick Noall & Bruce McLelland were there for the 71/72 summer shooting season. Tom Leonard used to possum the area. About 1972 Les Stanley's bridge building team put the swingbridge across the Harman River. Back then the derelict remains of Pyramid hut were still standing in the scrub zone about halfway up to the lake & the hut on the Arahura side of Styx Saddle was still there and in usable condition.

Last week one of my mates from those days called in for a yarn & various tales of our days in the Harman area arose. We have fond memories of this hut!



  • glennj glennj In 2013 & recently in 2014 I've met Bruce & Dick again for the first times in more than 40 years.
    15 February 2014
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