Boundary Creek Hut (Oteake)

Boundary Creek Hut (Oteake)

A recently refurbished 8-bunker in the Oteake Conservation area. One of 3 official huts in the park, though a number more are in the process of being upgraded to 'DoC Standard' - the most recent being Buster Hut and the Pig Shit Inn (official name may vary!).

Boundary Creek Hut is on the West Branch of the Manuherikia, directly below the 2088m Mt St Bathans, and 8km upriver from the DOC campsite at the Hawkdon Runs Roadend. Top Hut lies a further 8km upriver, and is of similar design. The main difference between the two being that Top Hut is furnished in native hardwood timber whilst Boundary uses more modern pine.

Common trips in the area include:

- 4WD (seasonal), mountain bike, horse or tramping North-South crossing from Broken Hut road (Omarama) to Hawkdon Runs Road (St Bathans).

- Foot / bike circuit over Mt St Bathans to Top Hut (how many 2000m+ peaks can you cycle to the top of?)

- Circuit of the East and West Manuherikia



  • pmcke pmcke I think the "Pig Shit Inn" name should stay.. :-)
    3 June 2011
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