Toaroha Saddle April 2011

Toaroha Saddle  April 2011

This is the saddle joining the Diedrich and Toaroha Ranges. It is approx 450 metres to the east of the Toaroha Saddle biv where the poled route crosses from the Toaroha to the Mungo. Few people see the true saddle unless traversing the Toaroha Range or making a special trip from the biv. This is because when using the poled route between the Toaroha & Mungo the true saddle is hidden by the last knob on the Diedrich Range.

The Toaroha Saddle is steeped in hunting history from the pre helicopter deer culling days. In the days when there were large mobs, deer were often driven and ambushed in the saddles as they attempted to escape to the next catchment. I've heard tales of massacres on the Toaroha Saddle including one late autumn instance when 60+ deer were shot after becoming too exhausted to carry on through powdery snow. Forty years ago there were a lot of decaying bleached bones in the area but most have now crumbled away. Corroded cartridge cases remain to this day.



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