Crow hut (Arthurs Pass) March 2008

Arthur's Pass National Park

Crow hut (Arthurs Pass)  March 2008

I've noticed that there isn't a photo on here of this hut to go with the text entry. Seeing no one else has bothered to post one I will even though I try to limit posts to West Coast/Fiordland related stuff.

Back in the 70's I did a bit of tramping and work in the Canterbury high country but back then there was a different Crow hut on the same site as the current hut. From memory it was a mountaineering club hut.

In March 2008 JH & I visited the new Crow hut. It was a 2.5hr walk from the parking area at Klondyke Corner. The next night was spent at Waimak Falls hut after ascending Jellicoe Ridge & heading cross country. (A fullish day) We left for the roadend before daylight the next day as the wx was packing up. Used the track down to Carrington hut (2.5hrs) and then carried on down the Waimak to the vehicle at Klondyke Cnr.(2.75hrs)

The Avalanche Peak - Crow trip is commonly done but few people seem to get up on to Jellicoe Ridge!



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