She's Strong Man

She's Strong Man

Give unto caesar what is caesars And to the Other what is the Others... (Pontius Pilate)... Or as we might be more familiar: give to kawana what is the kawanas(governor-worldly) and to the Rangatira what is the Rangatiras(Chief-Otherworldly)...(Te Tiriti/The Treaty of Waitangi pax the Maori Bible)... Fundamental misunderstandings arise when a culture in which the SACRED is above their heads, and a culture in which the SACRED is below their feet, Meet...


  • Steve Azula Steve Azula Exactly! It brings up the issue of 'boundaries' and at just what point that line shall be struck...yes jesus, but strictly speaking Matthews quote of jesus is attributable to Matthew...'there is no christianity without St Paul/there is no communism without lenin' - Zizek (these things are constituted retroactively...)
    5 May 2011
  • strider strider I remember that quote from my schooldays. "Give Caesars things to Caesar but Gods things to God"- Matthew 22:21 attributed to Jesus not Pilate :)
    5 May 2011
  • Steve Azula Steve Azula This land is clearly A Woman....children? Hold...bind...religare..etc
    4 May 2011
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