Framing the SACRED

Framing the SACRED

Just when we think we have IT cornered...that very IT alludes us, it breaks the frame and escapes...IT is to be understood as that which resists a word we are talking about the 'real' - Zizek


  • Steve Azula Steve Azula the four corners: if 3 lefts makes you go RIGHT; what can we say of 3 wrongs making a RIGHT? close the circle the fourth corner closed
    18 September 2011
  • Steve Azula Steve Azula I guess the water (as a stand in for) could also be seen as attempting a movement of kenosis (self-knowledge/knowledge literally of 'self') away from the heart of the land into the heart of the man...also let us suppose a vice(a) of the previous verse(a)...
    5 May 2011
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