Identity Rock

Identity Rock

I bet the wedge still thinks of himself as an individual existing independent of any wider structure, of course not realising that (1) such in-divis-able-ness is the 'abstract result of a decomposition' of the rock that structures can break no further...(2) there are still so many tiny shards' who, because of their 'broken-ness' may still attempt to find moments of contact with lost Totality, as such they crave/seek COMMUNION, a point when the rocks will A-GAIN become HOLY-whole...(Bataille pax Nancy)


  • Steve Azula Steve Azula Taller but NOT more FALLEN than I Who (be)come Bone to HIS B-One...(Curnow pax Hegel)
    3 May 2011
  • Steve Azula Steve Azula "clay in that unearthly furnace" (Baxter pax Hegel and God - a 3-way?)
    3 May 2011
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