We did a trip at Easter that may appeal .Started at Redcliffe Stream in the Rakaia & went into Tribulation
Hut(4 hrs) via a new DOC easement.This hut,6 bunks/no fire,was a dog until
DOC tuned it up.Good access to the country behind Mt Hutt or to the Black
Hill Range,but we carried on down the Swift R to Cookies Point,then up the
North Ashburton R to Comyns Hut(8 hrs).Lot of river crossings,so river level
is critical.Summer flows are ideal.Two biggish side streams which drain the
Taylor Range-Boundary & Kings Drive are a tramp on their own.Last day,4/5
hrs up Turton Stream/Saddle & to a waiting vehicle at Glenrock,where another
DOC easement emerges to the road.Good option when NW precludes Coast tramps.
The high point 2114m on the Black Range is worth a look too.A big day
trip from Redcliffe Stream,but more easily accessed from Comyns Hut.Locally
known as FruitCake Peak.