Here comes the cold half of the day

Here comes the cold half of the day

We didn't start walking until after midday and now with the descent from Fiery Col complete we settle down in Cow saddle as the cloud lowers to almost engulf the col. Five passes route Mt.Aspiring NP march 2011



  • aardvark aardvark I believe a rock bivvy is situated closer to Fiery Pk. This is the only space we've found suitable enough for a tent. We're actually at the junction of two streams and we,ve had them lapping at the tent door. This one spot stays relatively dry despite the tarns and holes all through the grassland above. It's a long wide saddle and the lower slopes of Fiery Pk have to be at least 500m away. Next time through there i'll be all the more determined to find the bivvy.
    1 May 2011
  • pmcke pmcke Hmmm exactly the same spot that you camped in 2007 I think When I was last Cow Saddle in 1971 we spent a couple of nights in a rock bivy that provided good shelter with the help of a tent fly. Any sign of that?
    30 April 2011
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