KneeDeep KneeDeep

KneeDeep KneeDeep

Mud for the first 50m then clear water, some mushy areas but pretty easy. The mud is oozy and sticky and makes rude noises but much laughter can be had there.


  • glennj glennj That pic brings back a few memories having lived for over a year on Matakana Island. Mind you I never did that walk but often saw others doing it when out in a boat or from shore. It was the fishing not the tramping that attracted me to Matakana Island but there is plenty of flattish walking. I did circumnavigate the island on foot whilst there! (The ocean beach is 26km long, there are dairy farms, horticulture blocks & forestry so it's not a tiny island as many think)) There are lots of archaeological sites, huge shellfish beds & wild pigs adding to the interest of the place beyond fishing opportunities. The place has a sense of remoteness & solitude but at high tide I could get to down town Tauranga city in just 20 minutes by boat. Loved it there!
    21 April 2011
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