Serpentine hut setting March 2011

Serpentine hut setting  March 2011

This picture from approx 300 metres away across the Hoki River shows Serpentine huts location on an overgrowing clearing on a bush terrace. It's near the junction of the Hoki River with an unnamed side creek. You can't see the hut from the Hoki River bed immediately below the hut.

This hut gets very few walk in parties visiting. (approx one per year). Kayakers are the main users these days. Walking visits are low because of difficult access. The up & down river tracks bypassing major gorges were left to overgrow after the gvt cullers were pulled out at the end of the 71/72 summer shooting season. Tops tracks exist to the tussock on the far sides of the Diedrich & Meta Ranges. Dropping down from either tops to Serpentine hut is possible but challenging because of the dense scrub & odd waterfall & small gorge that need to be bypassed. You may also need to ford the Hokitika River depending upon which route is taken.



  • glennj glennj Status 2015. The up and down river routes to Serpentine Hut have just been re opened. That was not the case when I posted this photo four years ago. The scrub and some of the taller trees around the hut have also been cleared since this photo was taken.
    22 March 2015
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