Lake Marian

Fiordland National Park

Lake Marian

Taken in October 2010 the lake appeared tiny in comparison to other photos and videos Ive seen of it online, when in summer it is no doubt swollen by snowmelt. From this vantage point, where the track clears the trees and the lake is first seen, it was a good 5 minutes scramble down across the rocks to get to the waters edge.



  • Hugh vN Hugh vN The lake has no surface outlet - hence a huge range of water levels and lake size depending on what the rainfall/snow melt has been prior to your visit. It is much easier to walk past the lake and access lakes marianna and marrianette, when water levels are low.
    3 August 2012
  • wingman Yep.....have been here in the summer and it's well down. Come back in 6 months... :) It's a lovely place....
    3 February 2011
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