Mungo Catchment

We`d left Poet Hut to climb over Toaroha Saddle,& head to Top Toaroha Hut.It`s an honest 600m lift to gain the saddle & lunch by Toaroha Biv,1121m.In the background,lies Sir Robert Creek & the Main Divide.

Looks like you didn't finish writing this piece Lew. I'll add a bit; As a kid I used to hear the old time cullers talk about "The Mungo" with a reverence reserved for just a few areas. It developed a mystique for me & I first got there in 1974 and am still visiting. It is a beautiful rugged area with wild water courses and permanent snow up high. An area of great reward for those that visit but an area demanding respect! Excellent views of the Mungo can be had from near Bluff hut in the Hokitika and from parts of the Toaroha & Meta Ranges. Sir Robert hut in the Mungo catchment has become a target for hut baggers since Rob Brown one of the authors of "Shelter From the Storm" suggested it may be the least visited hut in NZ.

Mungo Valley & Park Stream April 2011 • By glennj. Licence: C.
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